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Trekking Cordillera Blanca
    > Santa Cruz Trek: 4 days
    > Santa Cruz Ulta Trek: 6 days
    > Cedros Alpamayo Trek: 9 days
    > Olleros Chavin Trek: 3 days
    > Olleros to Carhuascancha: 6 days
    > Quilcayhuanca Cojup: 3 days
Trekking Cordillera Huayhuash
    > Huayshuash Trek: 10 days
    > Huayshuash Mini Trek: 3 days
> Queropalca Llamac Trek: 6 days
> Huayhuash Cajatambo: 8 days
Climbing Cordillera Blanca
    > Alpamayo (5947m / 19506ft)
    > Artesonraju (6025m / 19762ft)
    > Chopicalqui (6386m / 20946ft)
    > Copa (6188m / 20296ft)
    > Huascaran (6768m / 22199ft)
    > Ishinca (5550m / 18204ft)
    > Maparaju (5326m)
    > Pisco (5750m / 18860ft)
    > Quitaraju (6100m / 20008ft)
    > Ranrapalca (6162m / 20211ft)
    > Tocllaraju (6035m / 19794ft)
    > Urus (5497m/18030ft)
    > Vallunaraju (5686m/18650ft)
    > Yanapaccha (5497m/18030ft)
Santa Cruz trekking, 69 Lake + Climb Pisco: 9 days

Day 1: Huaraz - Cashapampa - Llamacorral
After the breakfast in the hotel we will aboard in our private bus to go along the Callejón de Huaylas in the north side of Huaraz. passing the differents districts such as: Carhuas (2650m), Yungay (2500m), after this city, we will get the Caraz city (2400m), then we will continue our travel to get the last Distrit Cashapampa arriving around 10:00am , where the Donkey Driver will waiting for us to transport our Camping equipments , from here we will start hiking up, after walking 2 hours half we will have lunch, then we will continue hiking up, after hiking up for 5 or 6 hours we will get the first camp named Llamacorral, arriving around 4pm. Overnight camping at (3800m).

Day 2: Llamacorral - Jatuncocha Lake - Taullipampa
Today will be a full day of hiking and breathtaking vistas.  After the breakfast we will begin the two-hour hike that will take us to Ichiccocha Lake and Jatuncocha Lake.  From here we continue for another two hours that takes us to the base camp of Alpamayo.  From this vista we can see the mountains Alpamayo, Quitaraju, Artesonraju, Paron, and Aguja.    Try to resist maxing your camera’s memory card at this location because there is much more to come.  Two more hours of hiking will bring us to our second campsite, Taullipampa (4200m/13776ft).

Day 3: Taullipampa - Punta Union pass (4750m/15580ft) - Cachinapampa
After breakfast we will start hiking at 8:00am.  A four-hour hike will bring us to the Punta Union Pass (4750m/15580ft) where we will have lunch while enjoying the splendid scenery.  Complete panorama views of glaciated mountains, blue skies, and unique landscapes will be our companion during this high altitude picnic.  After lunch we descend for approximately three to four hours to our final camp, Cachinapampa (3800m/12464ft).

Day 4: Cachinapampa - Vaqueria - Paccharuri
After breakfast we will descend for about 2 1/2 hours to Vaqueria.   From here we begin the gradual ascent through unique Quenual Tress where one can see many different animals such as the condor of the Cordillera Blanca.  Three hours of hiking will bring us to our campsite, Paccharuri (3900m/12792ft).  This camp reveals a great view of Mt. Chopicalqui.

Day 5: Paccharuri - Punta Portachuelo (4770m/15646ft) - Cebollapampa
After breakfast we will start at 9:00am.  Portachuelo Pass (4770m/15646ft) is our lunch time destination and normally takes about three hours to hike.  From this pass you are rewarded with views deep in the heart of the Andies.  Few people in the world have seen what your eyes will behold from this vista.  North and South Huascaran, Huandoys, Pisco, and Chacraraju are a few of the peaks you will see.  From here we descend for two hours to our next camp, Cebollapampa (3900m/12792ft).

Day 6: Cebollapampa - Visit 69 Lake - Pisco Base Camp
This day after the breakfast in Cebollapampa we will take the route Cebollapampa to 69 Lake, starting hiking up at 08:00hours, this trekking will takes 3 hours to the Lake, 1 hours to visit the lake and immediately will take the route to the Base Camp for about 2 hours and half more, during this trekking you will enjoy the nice views of different mountains around like Huascaran, Chacraraju, Yanapaccha, Chopicalqui, Pisco and Huandoys, arriving to the Camp around 15:00hours, free afternoon to training a little bit climb for Pisco, and dinner.

Day 7: Pisco Base Camp - Moraine Camp
After the breakfast we will check our climbing equipments then after lunch around 12m. And we will start hike for about 3 hours half over rocky path; we will have dinner later afternoon, overnight camping at (4850m/15908ft).

Day 8: Moraine Camp - summit day Pisco (5750m/18860ft) - descend to Base Camp

After the breakfast in the Moraine Camp at 4:00am approximately we will start climbing up for about 1 hour to get the glacier, here we’ll have to put our climbing equipment to start climbing up to the Pisco Summit, after climbing up for about 1 hour we’ll get a quite all of  40mtrs and 50 ° of difficult, after this all we have to climbing for about 2 hours half to get the Summit (5750m/18860ft), where we’ll enjoy the nice views of different mountains such as: Artesonraju, Alpamayo, Caraz, Huascaran, Chopicalqui, Yanapaccha, Chacraraju, Brogui, Huandoys, etc and a splendid turquoise lake of name (69 lake), after few minutes we’ll start go down to the Moraine Camp, when the porters will be waiting for us already with our equipments to continue go down to the base Camp, arriving to the Base Camp around 4:00pm approximately, overnight Camping at (4500m).

Day 9: Base Camp - descend to Ceboolapampa - drive back to Huaraz
After the last breakfast in the base camp of the Pisco Mountain, we will descend to Cebollapampa, here will be waiting  our private bus, and then immediately will aboard the bus to go back to Huaraz, passing the Llanganuco lake and then  we will arrive the Control of Huascaran national Park, where we will registering whit our passport, then we will continue go down to Yungay, after this we will continue along the Callejon de Huaylas to the South side, arriving to Huaraz around 5pm approximately. Transfer to the Hotel.