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Trekking Cordillera Blanca
    > Santa Cruz Trek: 4 days
    > Santa Cruz Ulta Trek: 6 days
    > Cedros Alpamayo Trek: 9 days
    > Olleros Chavin Trek: 3 days
    > Olleros to Carhuascancha: 6 days
    > Quilcayhuanca Cojup: 3 days
Trekking Cordillera Huayhuash
    > Huayshuash Trek: 10 days
    > Huayshuash Mini Trek: 3 days
> Queropalca Llamac Trek: 6 days
> Huayhuash Cajatambo: 8 days
Climbing Cordillera Blanca
    > Alpamayo (5947m / 19506ft)
    > Artesonraju (6025m / 19762ft)
    > Chopicalqui (6386m / 20946ft)
    > Copa (6188m / 20296ft)
    > Huascaran (6768m / 22199ft)
    > Ishinca (5550m / 18204ft)
    > Maparaju (5326m)
    > Pisco (5750m / 18860ft)
    > Quitaraju (6100m / 20008ft)
    > Ranrapalca (6162m / 20211ft)
    > Tocllaraju (6035m / 19794ft)
    > Urus (5497m/18030ft)
    > Vallunaraju (5686m/18650ft)
    > Yanapaccha (5497m/18030ft)


Santa Cruz trek & Yanapaccha Mountain - MAY 2013
Dear Friends, I would like to thank you very much for the excellent few days of hiking we had with you in the Cordillera Blanca!! We appreciated your professional organisation of the trek and the climb of Yanapacha. Your thoughts and prayers are with you in light of the tragedy that happened to you. Our special thanks to Emerson and Lucius who were great guides and with whom we felt secure and confident. Our respect to our fantastic cook! We are all looking forward to returning to Peru one day.
sincere regards,
Jacek, Rafal, Andrzej, Tomasz.

"Jacek Wachowicz" jwachowi@me.com
Cedros Alpamayo trekking - October 2010
Firstly I am very grateful to be alive after the trek in October. It turned into a bit of a nightmare I tell you, due to Altitude sickness for myself, but the harsh reality is it should never have happened amigo. We crossed two passes in one day in fairly decent trekking equipment but in the most horrendous conditions at high altitude. The horses and the donkeys were refusing to go over the Cara Cara pass but were forced by Luis. One horse died on the climb, and one of the donkeys just disappeared, not a good sign. At the pass this is where I really am furious, with the ridiculous deep snow. I at this time did not have one dry bit of clothing left. We went down a seriously avalanche prone slope followed by the reluctant pack animals.

Correct me if i am wrong, but utter and complete madness. I am sorry but Luis at this Stage the only man with full MOUNTAINEERING equipment seemed a lot more concerned by a small bit of snow entering his professional gainers!!!
Than the welfare of his clients and the poor horsemen who had lost their animals!!! I had to race down the hill myself to escape the blizzard then the rain. It is a great statement for your company that the horsemen the real heroes were able to put the tents up and feed us a truly wonderful meal in extremis. If only victor the cook was still the guide (a truly wonderful, wonderful man) who unlike Luis was honest with the TRUTH about how long? How many passes, etc. That night needless to say I shivered the whole night, no sleep and therefore a cold and therefore altitude sickness badly the next day with no escape bar crossing two of the highest passes which thankfully though in a seriously ill state i was able to do, the last pass with the help of Luis and a horse, but we all got there in the end. My main point Victor i know obviously trekking at such altitudes can be a dangerous pastime which I choose freely to do of my own freewill. but you can access the risks(,ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A GUIDE) when I asked Luis when we saw the weather in the morning and him telling us we were crossing two passes that day instead of one, because there would be no grazing for the animals because of snow. I understand this but when I asked if it would be dangerous, HE SAID NO, well the animals were for going no further, the conditions were unacceptable. We could have walked back the way we had gone and saved ourselves the misery, that amigo would have been the decision in the Highlands, the Alps, and the Himalayas but unfortunately not with Luis in the beautiful Cordillera Blanca in the Andes.In honesty it was not a translation problem, but to me just a common sense one. I do not want to see Luis in trouble but maybe a quiet word in his ear, anybody who has the skill to climb the beautiful Alpamayo must have enough mountain awareness to understand the potential hazards with the clients he was with, me 44 Victor and Oscar almost 60. As I say I thought the service with the wonderful horsemen and the amazing Victor the cook were fantastic, but if Luis could be more honest with time, distance and safety, I would have been a happier man. As I say I do not wish any ill feeling to Luis but maybe a quiet word about some of these issues, clients well being and everybody surviving is vital..Victor thanks for the wonderful organization, for this and the wonderful hotel, I am indebted, and you do truly stay in a beautiful part of the world. I feel privileged to have seen Alpamayo, I just wish i had your skills to climb it!Kindest regards, Alan Wilkie
PS sorry for the English writing
"Alan Wilkie " streps@aol.com

Huayhuash Trekking - Agosto 2009
Tive uma fantástica experiência durante minha viagem ao Peru em 2009 para conhecer as montanhas em Huayhuash. Todos os membros da equipe da Cordillera Blanca Hiking – guias, cozinheiros e motoristas – têm experiência e conhecimento sobre a área. Eles são extremamente bem organizados e – o mais importante – amigáveis.
Isso fez com que minha viagem fosse realmente memorável.

Certamente nunca esquecerei os bons momentos que vivi no Peru. Obrigada a todos pela grande experiência e pelas maravilhosas vistas!

Heloiza Carvalho,
November 26, 2009
Heloiza Carvalho : heloiza@tree.inf.br

Santa Cruz Trekking - October 2009
Before arriving to Peru, I contacted several outfitter companies, and none was more available, concise and helpful than Cordillera Blanca Hiking.  I had never been to Peru before, so I had many questions, and everyone who emailed me back was so very kind and informative.  Alicia picked me up from the bus station at 5:00am when I arrived in Huaraz and had everything ready to go for the trek I was to start that day.  
She and her co-workers were so nice and welcoming and I had no doubt it was going to be a fabulous trip. Frael was my cook and guide and I couldn't have asked for more.
He knew those mountains like the back of his hands and provided really interesting stories and facts throughout the hike.  He was such a nice guy and had a great sense of humor.  I really enjoyed spending time with him. To top it off, he is an AMAZING cook.  Squash soup,
fresh trucha, pico de gallo... all from scratch. He was very careful in his food preparation, making sure everything was cleaned and safe to eat.  I absolutely highly recommend him to anyone.  Also, Rafael the arriero was very nice and did a great job at setting up camp every day.  He also had a great sense of humor and we all had a great time sitting around talking after hiking each day.
I highly recommend this company and look forward to using them again in the future.kathryn Quenneville USA"
Kathryn quenneville" kqemail@gmail.com

Spedizione 2007 - Alpamayo ed il Ranrapalca
Nel mese di giugno si è svolta una spedizione alpinistica bolzanina che ha avuto come teatro d'avventura le meravigliose cime della Cordillera Blanca in terra peruviana. I componente del gruppo si sono impegnati nella salita di alcune meravigliose cime tra cui l'imponente ed affascinante nevado Alpamayo (5947m) ed il Ranrapalca (6162 m).
La professionalità dell' agenzia CORDILLERA BLANCA HIKING è stata indispensabile per la riuscita delle ascensioni e l'organizzazione logistica.
Da mensionare il nome di VICTOR SANCHEZ quale titolare dell'agenzia stessa e Guida di alta quota brevettata. . "...LOS CHASQUIS DE LOS ALPES..." è il titolo che Il gruppo ha voluto dare a questo viaggio in terra andina che, ell'antico idioma peruviano Quequa
significa "messaggeri delle Alpi" Alcuni dei componenti della spedizione, infatti, sono volontari del Soccorso Alpino.
Un ringraziamento di cuore da parte del gruppo "...LOS CHASQUIS DE LOS ALPES..." a tutta l'organizzazzione CORDILLERA BLANCA HIKING Max Schivari
"max schivari" mschivari@yahoo.it